Impara l'inglese o lo spagnolo 4 volte più velocemente!





Con il metodo Fast impari in un quarto del tempo rispetto agli altri metodi.



Il metodo Fast si basa sulla ripetizione, è facile e intuitivo.

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Il metodo Fast prevede un investimento minimo rispetto agli altri metodi.



Col metodo Fast impari la lingua dal livello zero al "CAMBRIDGE FIRST CERTIFICATE".

According to statistics,  up to the level "Cambridge Preliminary Inglese Test", an internationally recognized, one average student, whose language mother is of Latin origin or germanica, must study in a private school of English language for at least 320 hours ( the equivalent of about 4 academic years studying 2 hours per week ).

With the Fast Callan Method, the student will reach the same level in about 80 hours (academic year)  maintaining the commitment of only 2 hours per week. These data are based on statistics of beginner students who start from scratch and who do not have access to an English-language environment in which to practice what they learn at school.            

 The lessons are designed to be carried out in small groups so that the students can interact with the professor and with each other. This allows greater practice and helps reduce costs.

The teachers are all native English speakers and work flexibly.